Formed and based in London, Night Flight are a 4 piece band comprising of Sam Holmes, Dan Webb, Harry Phillips and Oliver Halvorsen. Originally a solo project, the band was formed out of a creative desire to develop the songs to their full potential. Sharing their name with both a Ray Thomas record and a track by Led Zeppelin, Night Flight drew on their obsessions with the greats and dedicated themselves to joining their ranks. “I didn’t start learning guitar to shred it or play ear-bending solos, the aim was always to write great songs.” says lead singer-songwriter Sam Holmes. Night Flight’s debut record is an emotionally honest album that’s as equally inspired by English folk traditions and Bob Dylan’s most freewheeling moments, Night Flight is a culmination of everything that’s led both Sam and his bandmates to this point. Holmes doesn’t shy away from sounding earnest or vulnerable, building up to huge hooks that echo icons of yesteryear. Lyrics like “God knows what the hell I’m supposed to do/God knows what the hell I’m trying to prove” and “twenty-nine and still a man in debt” highlight the confessional nature of the songs. Hailed by the likes of The Independent, DIY, and The Line of Best Fit, their debut LP marks the perfect introduction to the sound of Night Flight.

Night Flight – Death Rattle

Night Flight – Departure

Night Flight – God Knows

Night Flight – Parade